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Welcome to Velvet Sweatpants! We hope you've found us on a search for fresh, relatable, beautiful design, and we really hope you're wearing your sweatpants. Grab yourself a tea or coffee, make yourself at home, and have a look around!

Sarah  & Laura

wearers of the sweatpants

Velvet Sweatpants Interior Design was dreamt up by Interior Designers Sarah and Laura, during their regular meetings, (also known as girls' night), where they would discuss life, terrible television and their love of design. Hair up, sweatpants on, they decided to explore accessible and approachable design through the idea of your home being as comfortable to be in as a pair of sweatpants, but really, really beautiful ones.

Keeping an eye on their values of balancing hard work with life and fun, Sarah and Laura run Velvet Sweatpants with the goal of bringing beauty and comfort to their clients, while keeping their sense of humour, and helping maintain excitement through the stress of home renovations. Clever, thoughtful, realistic design will draw their clients home, to a space that reflects their individual story, and evokes a tangible feeling to the word, 'home'.

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