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Velvet Sweatpants is a duo of Interior Designers, Sarah and Laura, who work together to create functional, beautiful and comfortable spaces for their clients. Designers for the people, Velvet Sweatpants works to create the magic on any budget. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable to be in as a pair of sweatpants, but really, really beautiful ones. 

VS offers full interior design services, including initial consultations, material and finish selections, design and space planning, preparation of mill-work and working drawings, furniture, decor and lighting selections, and home styling. We value keeping our sense of humour, balancing  hard work with life and fun, and helping to maintain excitement through the stress of home renovations. We can help you figure out where to intelligently spend your money for optimum impact, and where to save your money through creative solutions that take the ordinary out of bargain finds.

Let us put the velvet in your sweatpants, and the beauty in your home.

Creative, intelligent, loyal, and incredible friend and mother are just a few key words that describe Sarah Ward.

Sarah brings forth an ever flowing fountain of ideas, visions and creativity to the VS team. Her brain never stops! Sarah is the queen of stunning vintage bargain finds and integrating them into any home to add personality and charm. She is incredibly talented and intelligent. This girl will never cease to make you laugh with her quick wit and animated personality.

Her style is well thought out, interesting, fun, and layered. She likes colour and pattern, but truly appreciates the softer side.


Sarah graduated from Mount Royal University in Interior Design. She started her career as an Interior Designer in commercial design then got cast on Debbie Travis' 'From the Ground Up' design reality series. She is our superstar! She continued her work in design while raising three wild boys and ventured into the world of residential design working her magic on custom homes, home staging and renovation projects.

Now, she is half of what makes up Velvet Sweatpants - and boy are we ever lucky! Sarah makes the ordinary extraordinary.

-- Laura

Sarah's Sweatpants are cozy and comfy and realistically, look best with bare feet or Chucks. they have to have pockets to collect all the treasure she finds along her way, and are likely lined with a bold pattern. Her sweatpants have a patina you can't buy, but were probably a steal of a deal.

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Wears the Sweatpants

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Wears the Sweatpants

Laura is the type of person you're immediately drawn to. She's kind, funny, smart, and sure of herself. And, she always smells good, which is a great bonus. She has a strong calling to give back, and is always looking for ways she can contribute to her community and help her friends and family. Her zest for life draws you in, and her character keeps you there.

Coming of age in the time of, 'Trading Spaces,' Laura showed her interest in design and well-executed spaces as a teen, shuffling and rearranging her bedroom furniture on the regular. 

Having earned her accreditation from NAIT's Interior Design Technician program, Laura brings technical prowess as well as considerable design chops to the Velvet Sweatpants table. She has done most of her work in residential design and has a passion for 'home'.

Laura's design style is fresh, approachable, and centered around the feeling of your home as your landing place, and the hub around which your tribe gathers. 

Her natural state includes a blanket, a couch, some snacks, and loved ones...and a healthy dose of throw pillows.






Sweatpants Profile

laura's sweatpants have clean lines and crisp edges, but also have room for movement and comfort. They can be dressed up or down, and are made with subtle, thoughtful details.

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