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Velvet Multi-Tasking

Have you ever been in a slump? Like the kind where you kind of feel numb, or at least there’s a sense of nothingness where there was recently a fizz? I’ve been going for weeks on the excitement of building what Laura and I are building, but after this past weekend, I’m just slumping into this Monday like a chunk of Silly Putty. In case you didn’t hang on my every word on our last Insta post, I had a weirdly off-putting weekend. Nothing truly terrible happened to me, but it was like the Universe was constantly trying to upend me, and I’m exhausted from just trying to stay on my feet and keep moving forward. All of the goals I had set for accomplishing over the weekend flew out the window as I dealt with driving in whiteout snow storms, over-tired children, terrible backing up skills (you should see my bumper...this isn’t an isolated incident. It’s a lifelong epidemic), a nightmarish B and B (hairless cats and a disgruntled guest with long, penetrating stares), and being stretched so thin (if only that was literal. 😂), that my actual, got-it-doneness for the weekend felt like a big fat zero.

I’ve been learning to manage my time better when the kids are around, now that I’m a working mom. Productivity, it turns out, is very hit and miss and so dependent on the needs of the kids. Laura and I are working from my home, and I never really realised how much attention my kids have come to expect from me. I’ve also never really realised how much time I give to them, and how little I take for myself. Before Velvet Sweatpants, it was easy to put aside my own thoughts and ideas, because there would be time later. Now I’m in a position where I don’t want to let my partner down, but I’m also super jazzed about the Sweatpants itself, and the time is kind of now! That being said, I’m mixing these feelings of believing that it’s time for me with the sting of my youngest asking me if I love Velvet Sweatpants more than him, and my hear-me -roar becomes a little fainter. Am I going to try my best in all areas and fail in all of them?! (She panics, off stage).

As I write this, I’m trying to get my kids to bed. I’m trying to make a snack for them and make them clean up their messes. I’m also trying to string together words that make sense, and not sure I’m succeeding.

The toothpicks are on the counter. I don’t know. I’m not cutting an apple. Eat a banana. Get off your tablet. Stop playing with your brother’s skin tag. Why are you crying? I don’t know. Clean up the play dough. WHY IS THERE A STICKY HAND ON THE ROOF?! I don’t know!!!!!!

Sticky Hand on a Hot Tin (Popcorn) Roof (Ceiling)

Where was I?

Working parents, you are my heroes.


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