1. We send you a questionnaire to fill out so we can learn more about you, your home, and what your design goals are. We also ask you to send well lit photos of your space, and inspiration images that you fancy.

2. We review this information and start the design phase!

3. The design phase:

In this package you will receive:

a.) A digital mood board consisting of images of rugs, accessories, artwork and linens that will bring your space life.

b.) A shopping list that tells you what the product is, where it is from, and the price.

c.) Any other instructions needed to assist you with your install.

4. Enjoy!


Cost is per room.


  • Are you looking to spice up your space but not sure how? Then this package is for you! Velvet Sweatpants Interior Design created this package for the home dweller who wants an investment savvy option while still receiving professional assistance to bring their space to life with some styling pieces such as rugs, accessories, artwork and linens.

    Simply email sarah@velvetsweatpants.com to start your purchase.


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