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Whether there's a global pandemic, you're naturally introverted, or you're needing remote design help, Velvet Sweatpants has Online Design Packages for all of your needs! You'll get visual mood boards,  back-and-forth emailing with a designer, and complete shopping lists for your projects. This is a great way to get ideas for your space, furnish your Air BnB or rental, and take the stress out of the myriad of decisions that need to be made. With your final shopping list in hand, a new space is at your fingertips!

Online Design 




Style your space! The Cotton Velvet Package is for those times

when the budget is tight, but  an update and style upgrade  is desired. Whether you're just short on time, or need some help, this package has you covered.

The Cotton Velvet Package includes suggestions and shopping lists for: 

  • rugs

  • accessories

  • linens

  • artwork




Refresh your Space!

When you want to invest in some new pieces of furniture, but don't want the hassle of hunting, and figuring out  if things will work in your space, the Silk Velvet Package is for you!

The Silk Velvet Package will include suggestions and shopping lists for:

  • everything from the Cotton Velvet Package

  • furniture

  • drapery

  • lighting

  • paint

  • floor plan




Transform your space!

The Plush Velvet Package is for those clients looking to completely transform a room, from finishes like flooring and tile all the way down to  accessories.

The Plush Velvet Package includes suggestions and shopping  lists for:

  • everything from the Cotton and Silk Velvet Packages, as well as:

  • wall and floor finishes

  • flooring selections

  • plumbing fixtures

  • some pre-fabricated cabinetry

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